Honest Trailers Finds Everything Wrong with Justice League

Honest Trailers always gives a fresh take on not-so-favorite movies.

Screen Junkies’ Honest Trailers are some of my favorite videos on YouTube. If you’re unfamiliar with the videos, they always manage to take the wind out of those movie trailers that take themselves a little too seriously. You’ll also find some of the most (brutally) honest movie reviews hidden amongst the jokes of the video.

In this latest video, they take on the Justice League. And wow, there’s a lot to make fun of.

The Justice League movie was obviously the most awaited comic book movie, well, ever! Some of the oldest and most recognizable comic book characters in the world. Sure, we had unfortunately already watched Batman v Superman. Wow, what a disappointment that was . But this was a team movie. We’ve seen what Marvel has done with the Avengers, and really, even as a one-time Marvel fanboy, I can admit that the Justice League has more star power behind them. Unfortunately, when it comes to movies, DC doesn’t even come close to Marvel.

There was a lot to complain about in the lackluster, sometimes campy, and usually boring Justice League movie. And Honest Trailers finds nearly every complaint to joke about.


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