A Hacker’s Holiday Gift of a Botnet

A hacker made Satori malware available for all over the holidays.

Satori code has been used to create a series of botnets. Unlike previous IoT botnets, such as Mirai, this malware doesn’t scan the internet looking for vulnerable machines. Instead, Satori goes directly after Huawai devices, such as routers, utilizing known exploits. A botnet such as this can be used to carry out DDoS attacks.

Patches for these exploits have already been made available from Huawai, but any devices that have not been patched would, of course, still be at risk to this exploit.

The code for Satori was made publicly and freely available by a hacker on Pastebin over the holiday season. Copycat hackers looking for their own botnet without doing any work themselves, can be grateful for the generous hacker. The rest of us should be left nervous. Now that this code has been made readily available, we can only assume that it will be utilized more often than what we have already seen in the past.

Users with Huawai devices should ensure that they have the latest version of firmware for their devices.

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source: ZD Net


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