Hints of the device Roadmap?



Last month during the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Abbas Jaffar Ali (tbreak media) sat with Ron Louks, President, Devices and Emerging Solutions to discuss the future of BlackBerry handsets. In a very candid moment Ron discussed the slider as ‘a dual curved display….it’ll blow you away’.  He discussed the Passport vs Classic as “different use cases”, he owns both, but mostly uses the Passport. Speaking of Classic and Passport there will be a follow on to one device but Ron didn’t divulge which one. Finally, he mentioned the Classic would be available in different colors in the very near future. Next the Leap was mentioned as “the new Z10”. There was discussion of ‘enhancing the experience of the user interface’ in regards to one-handed operation via new features. There was additional discussion of new software including major OS releases and confirmation that Google Play Services was not on the horizon. The BlackBerry Experience Suite will be cross-platform and will be the subject of future announcements. On the hardware side BlackBerry will continue to explore and innovate both the physical keyboard and virtual keyboard and may be open to licensing them to other companies should they be interested. The last item discussed was ‘Work Life’ “which allows you to add multiple services across multiple carriers.” While this “does require carrier engagement” it does not require a specialized SIM.


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  • bartron

    This will be an exciting year for BB devices and their users.

  • razrrob


    The Slider and an upgrade to Classic or Passport – woot!

  • Robert

    I can’t wait to see what they have planned.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    I’ll be upset if the slider hits this year. It’s off my recontracting cycle. I’d love to see it July next year.

  • shanerredflag

    Can’t wait…Have all BB10 devices so far, taking a pass on the Leap but will for sure pick up a bronze Classic and whatever has the curved screen. :).

  • Anthony

    I like the slider. What will they do with 2 curved screens locco_smiley_7

    Is the headphone jack at the bottom? It looks like it in the picture.

    Will 10.4 add new camera features and improve existing features and camera UI?
    – Using camera features on the iPhone 6 is more engaging
    – Samsung continues to add new camera features. On feature I like, and I mentioned it several times in various forums, is the focus following the object in the screen
    – Using keys on the physical keyboard to change camera settings “on the fly” is way overdue

    • bartron

      Are you talking about focusing for photos or video ? In 10.3.1, the Camera app has a Continuous Focus setting for video recording.

      • Anthony

        No. I demoed the new Samsung S6. A green box follows an object around the screen, maintaining focus…tracking the object.

        Also, we have a basic (but quite good) panorama feature in BB10. In the new Samsung and the iPhone 6+ (if I recall correctly) they also have a “360 Panorama” type feature. The “360 Panorama” app in BlackBerry World still isn’t updated for the Passport. It works for the Z30 and Q10, not for the Passport.

        Features in apps like “360 Panorama”, “Paper Camera”, and “Camera++” (esp. “manual” settings) should already be in the BB10 native camera app. Placing text on a picture, hand writing on a picture, a “clone tool”,…,where are these features? locco_smiley_20