Hill Climb Racing 2 Arriving Next Week

It’s a very simple, very addicting game, and now a second part is coming.

I’m not much of a gamer. No, not much of a gamer at all. You won’t find me spending hours crushing candy, or flinging words with my friends. I admit it, I do go and collect coins and potions everyday on Clash of Clans, but I’m more interested in seeing how high a level I can get a cannon than actually attacking other clans. There is one game I do enjoy though. No, the graphics aren’t great. There’s really no plot. It’s not what I’d call a very action oriented game. No, it’s very simple, and it’s very fun. It’s Hill Climb Racing.

The user drives a car over hills collecting coins and fuel. There is a modicum of skill involved the further you get in the game as you figure out the best way to land your vehicle. And upgrades, oh the upgrades. I remember back when you could upgrade your vehicle to perhaps 4 or 5 different vehicles. Now there are so many to choose from, if you’ve collected the coins.

It’s a game that does what I want a game to do. It passes the time, for those short periods when you have some time you need to pass. I’ve had the game on my BlackBerry’s going back to the Z10, and now have it on my Priv. Heck, I even have it on my Amazon Fire TV.

I’m actually very excited to play the sequel that is arriving the 28th in the Google Play Store. The graphics look better, and they’re even including a multi-player mode. Finally, the racing will actually be racing. There looks to be a lot more customization than in the original.

I just hope it’s still the same simple fun I’m used to.



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