Here’s A Cool Passport Feature With Only ONE Use…


Earlier on today someone said to me, ‘did you know that in 10.3.2 you can scroll an active frame?’. Well, no, I didn’t! But I do now, watch…

Yes, if you have your browser open (or certain apps, like Twitter) and swipe up from the bottom and then scroll down on the keyboard, the active frame scrolls.

Looks pretty cool… but how useful is it really? Well, you know when your local iPhonian or Androidian bore says ‘oh MY GOD! Do you still have a BLACKBERRY???’ as if you are carrying a steam powered traction engine?

Just add that to the list of things you can quickly show them that brings on the BlackBerry Stare.

Along with all the other stuff. You know, like Time Shift, the Hub, your battery life in Device Monitor, the amount of apps you have, the keyboard, the fact you get a signal, oh the list goes on and ob and on…


PS. video created using Screen Audio Recorder, shared via the wonderful ViSS app (which, by the way uploaded the compressed version into WordPress and it then unpackaged when I pressed Publish) and edited on my BlackBerry Passport. Check out the editing options in the Video app, you may be surprised!


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