Here WeGo! A Great Alternative To Google Maps, Now Upgraded.

I have a difference of opinion from some other people around the UTB water cooler (yeah I’m looking at you Brad) when it comes to BlackBerry Android. There are those who dive in fairly deep with things like Google Now, Docs, Chrome, Drive, Gmail, and of course Maps. I for one am on the other side of the stick, or water cooler, or something.

When it comes to maps I’ve chosen Here which has roots in Nokia maps.

Here maps just got a huge upgrade and is renamed as Here WeGo.


What’s been added is the ability to choose a route by bicycle, taxi, and car clubs. This is in addition to routing by walking, car, and bus as was in the previous version. Nice!

I’ve used this app quite a bit and find it accurate and quick. One of the best features is that you can run it offline which means you’re not using cellular data while driving. It’s all on your phone or SD card!


As you can see, the display is un-cluttered and well laid out, and there’s even 3D building eye candy for landmarks.

Full voice turn by turn navigation without the prying eyes help of Google? Don’t be a Brad…

Here WeGo!


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