HERE Maps undergoing major overhaul!

Former Nokia maps platform to undergo overhaul

In 2015 Nokia sold the HERE maps platform to Volkswagen, BMW, and Daimler.  Over the years I’ve tried many mapping programs, more than I can possibly remember. Without a doubt HERE is my #1 favorite. It has an easy to use interface, very intuitive, simple settings, etc., and has never let me down.

Just the other week I was happy to hear that HERE maps will be using live data from vehicles to take its’ mapping system head and shoulders above the rest. Just think of the implications – instead of relying on users to report in accidents, traffic jams, or road construction aka Waze, HERE will be using real-time data such as when wipers are activated or brakes are applied – in addition to vehicle location, speed, and transit times. The new service is due to be rolled out in 2017 and whether there is a fee or not remains to be seen. In the meantime the more cars they use and the more time it’s in use should provide them will fantastic data to help make our daily drives less of a hassle.

The icing on the cake – this platform can help to play a vital part of self-driving cars!


HERE WeGo – City Navigation can be downloaded from Google Play here.


If you use a different Navigation app please feel free to sound off in the comments , let us know which app and what are the Pros and Cons.

N.B. – those of you using Apple Maps need not respond….




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