Here Maps, Another Great Offline Navigation Choice for Priv!


A while back I wrote about how to get great usage out of our Priv handsets with the least amount of prying eyes from our friend Google. At that time I had tried a few map and navigation apps and decided to give Navmii a try because it was a newer version of the Navfree app on my Passport.

I had downloaded Here Maps a short while ago but didn’t really dive into it until recently. Now it’s my “go to” free navigation app. Here’s (sorry… pun intended) a quick run through!

One of the biggest things for me is the ability to download maps to my device in order to avoid unneccessary mobile data usage. Not only do you get to choose the SD card as the download location, but you get to choose smaller regions such as single Provinces or States to save space on your device.


There are not a massive amount of settings to adjust, but all the important (to me) ones are there.



One of the reasons I continued on my quest to find a better maps application was because I found Navmii to be somewhat lacking in its search functionality. I would often get incorrect suggestions or no results on my address search or name search. Here Maps is very accurate in this regard which saves me quite a bit of frustration.

Once you choose your destination you are presented with your choice of travel mode which by default includes walking, public transit, and of course driving.


Choosing your mode of transport (in this case driving) you are shown your route, and a quick press of the car icon labelled “Start” gets you on your way.


A pleasant voice will then prompt you along your way. Although no road names are used, the voice prompts are timely without being too obnoxious. There are many languages to choose from. For English you get a choice of North American male and female accents as well as UK English male and female. I chose UK female accent… I think she’s hitting on me.

So far, Here Maps is my favourite free navigation app. Try it out, it just might find its way to being your top maps app as well!



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