Henry Cavill Has Hung Up His Superman Underoos For Good. Or Has He?

Henry Cavill Is Frustrated With The DCEU

Who can blame him. Henry’s first outing as Superman was in the reboot of Superman in Man of Steel in 2013 set a darker tone to the DC Universe and didn’t seem to have the heart of Christopher Reeve’s Supes. Some people blame Zack Snyder for lack of feeling but dig deeper, and you will find David S. Goyer at the core of bad story writing.  As the first volley of the DCU reboot it was ok.

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Or AKA Smash & Grab

The next time we saw Superman was in Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. The movie we’ve all waited for since we saw the billboard in the I Am Legend. Finally we were going to see the epic battle between the Batman and Superman. So did we get what were promised? Yes and no. Yes we did get to see them battle but Zack was too busy putting a version of Doomsday into story for us to get a great movie.  David S. Goyer again is partly to blame for the muddled story and lack of heart. So what do you do when you want us to care about Superman? You kill him like in they Death of Superman comic book storyline.  They couldn’t even pretend Superman was dead at the end of the movie with showing signs of movement outside his casket. Sorry Henry maybe next time they will get it right? Justice League will fix things…right?

Justice League : Zack and Joss’s Is Frankenstein’s Monster of Superhero Movies

This was suppose to be DC’s answer to Marvel’s Avengers.  The stitching of where Zack had to leave due to losing his daughter and Joss Whedon taking over is painfully obvious. Superman’s part of the movie had a little more heart but was it enough? Warner Bros. mandated the movie not be any longer than 2 hours. For a superhero team-up movie with so many new faces, it just never had time to become a cohesive beast. Steppenwolf, the baddie was straight out of a video game. His motives to change the world weren’t as strong as General Zod’s in Man of Steel or Thanos in Avegners: Infinity War.  Superman had a couple moments but it wasn’t enough to say right on Superman! It was Super-boring!

Henry Decides To Take On Another Role

Netflix has greenlit a new series based on a video game called “Witcher” with Henry Cavill playing the main character. I found it interesting at the time to hear him take on another role considering there should be more DCEU movies coming out.   So is he completely done with Superman?

Supes Cape Is In The Closet

Henry’s agent wrote a tweet stating that he hasn’t given up the role of Superman quite yet. What does that mean? It means we won’t get him in the Shazam movie mentoring a young Billy Batson. Which that would’ve been really cool and added to Superman’s story as well but until they start another Superman stand alone movie, Henry is sitting on the sidelines. He’s been disheartened with what should be the role of a lifetime in superhero comics movies to starring in a lot of great looking action shots in superhero movies.  If you ask me, he’s made the right choice.

Hero For Hire

DC can get other actors to play Superman for the extended universe (Michael B. Jordan’s name is being thrown around at this time to take over the role) but what does that do for the stand alone Superman movies, if Warner Bros. does another one? Quite frankly it won’t feel like one big universe. It will feel like a tv show replacing main characters. It takes you out of the story and you lose interest. I know Ben Affleck is out playing Batman and many others have taken on the role before him. But Batman has been a dark brooding guy dressed as a bat. Not too hard to replace him with someone else. Superman though to me is a character you can’t keep changing after 3 movies.  Warner Bros. needs to figure out how to write great stories so they can keep people like Henry from flying away.


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