Hell Has Officially Frozen Over!


Looks like old John L over at T-Mobile may have come to his senses and seen that BlackBerry will indeed be a major player in the mobile handset market.

T-Mobiles headline states that handset may make a return to the “uncarrier”

“During today’s Q4 earnings call – which was streamedlive on YouTube for the first time – several questions were fielded after all the announcements were made. One of which came from a Twitter user who asked if BlackBerry handsets might make a return to T-Mobile. And, to those BlackBerry loyalists among the T-Mo subscriber base, Legere’s answer will come as welcome news.

Although there’s nothing specific to report in terms of timeframes or guarantees, John Legere did say that the two companies are in discussion. T-Mobile is optimistic about future partnership. Both companies know that there is a BlackBerry fanbase within T-Mo’s ranks who really want the two to work together. Discussions are “positive”, which should mean that – at some point – BlackBerry phones will make a return to T-Mobile’s shelves. It’s just a case of when, not if. They both want to make it happen.”

Well, this is certainly unexpected! But very welcome!


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  • ray689

    Wow wasn’t sure we would see this again.

  • BB Racer !!

    where do you scroll to here the twitter question

    • jn86

      @ 26:13, John talks about the twitter question.

  • web99

    I see it as good news. Despite the past history between both companies, it is the loyal BlackBerry T-Mobile customers who have been deprived of having BlackBerry devices available in their stores. Kudos to both companies!

  • Blackjack

    More choice in carriers in the US can only be a good thing.

  • Trev

    He still rides around in his douche-canoe, but at least there’s some good news for BlackBerry users with T-Mobile.

  • bartron

    I repeat: this would not be an issue if phone subsidies were scrapped. Instead of pushing their preferred carrier to carry a certain phone, people should be pushing for the end of phone subsidies. Users should not be dependent on carriers for buying phones. Ideally, I would love to see carriers get out of the phone retail business.