HBO’s Recent Hack Provides an Example of BlackBerry Strengths

HBO has suffered a hack, and it’s only getting worse. Someone should have used BlackBerry.

Sometimes people just need an example to realize how important security is. Right now, HBO is providing that example. HBO has suffered a data breach, with the hackers responsible releasing data that HBO would surely rather not be brought to the public eye.

Today, these hackers released even more stolen files. Included in this batch were five scripts from Game of Thrones, including one for an upcoming episode. Also included was a month’s worth of email from HBO Vice President of Programming Leslie Cohen as well as numerous internal documents. This of course comes after prior leaks of “Game of Thrones” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”

These hackers have demanded a ransom of their “6 month salary in bitcoin” which appears to be at minimum $6 million.

This hack, much like the prior hack of Netflix, and the Sony hack before that provides a perfect advertisement for BlackBerry’s security offerings. BlackBerry’s own Chief Security Officer Alex Manea took to Inside BlackBerry to explain the problem.

“Many organizations still focus on perimeter defenses – firewalls, intrusion detection systems and Network Access Control. But perimeter defenses are only effective in protecting data inside the network. What happens if, as was the case with Sony, your network is compromised? And more importantly, how do you continue to protect the data once it leaves your network?”

BlackBerry is able to offer solutions to this very real concern. As we explained after the Netflix hack, BlackBerry Workspaces utilizes file level security, meaning that each and every file is independently secured using 256 bit encryption. Meaning, if the perimeter is broken, hackers still need to break in to each file. That would not be an easy task. If there’s one thing you don’t want to be, it’s an easy target. Sony, Netflix, and now HBO can attest to that.

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