Hawkeye Found Playing TAG

TAG official trailer finds Jeremy Renner playing a favorite childhood game.

Hawkeye has so far been missing from any promotional materials from the newest installment of the Avengers franchise. The character hasn’t been seen in the trailers, and is even missing from the poster that seems to have every other character represented. One would think that Jeremy Renner was playing hide and seek. Turns out he wasn’t. He was playing tag.

Warner Bros. Pictures has released the first official trailer for the movie TAG. In this movie, Renner plays a man looking to retire while on top. He’s looking to retire from a game of tag that he and his friends have been playing for the month of May, every year for 30 years. Oddly enough, the movie is based on a true story.

The official synopsis follows.

For one month every year, five highly competitive friends hit the ground running in a no-holds-barred game of tag they’ve been playing since the first grade—risking their necks, their jobs and their relationships to take each other down with the battle cry: “You’re It!”

This year, the game coincides with the wedding of their only undefeated player, which should finally make him an easy target. But he knows they’re coming…and he’s ready.

Based on a true story, the New Line Cinema comedy “Tag” shows how far some guys will go to be the last man standing.

The movie also stars Ed Helms, Jake Johnson, Annabelle Wallis, Rashida Jones, Isla Fisher, Leslie Bibb, Hannibal Buress, and Jon Hamm, and will be released to theaters June 15th, 2018.



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