Has Chen righted the ship?


A few years ago John Chen took on the Herculean task of trying to turn around BlackBerry. In spite of the release of OS10, this was no small undertaking given the dire shape of the company. Many thought the Sybase ‘Turnaround King’ had met his match.

But John Chen is a steely veteran of corporate organization. Combined with his vision and focus it became a question of ‘how long will it take’ and ‘will the Board and stockholders give him the time he needs’?

There is no question the BlackBerry of today bares little resemblence to the BlackBerry/RIM of 3 years ago. In addition to the personnel changes, there has been a major shift in priorities.

Earlier this week a financial blog took note of the direction John Chen has taken. With the acquisition of AtHoc, Good, and Encryption, BlackBerry has built an ecosystem to position themselves as the ‘Leader of the Pack’ with regards to the Internet of Things (IoT). Combine this with QNX and it makes for a very powerful argument.

Whether you’re discussing the consumer side (auto, home, appliances, etc) or corporate side (government, military, legal, financial, healthcare, etc) of the equation, BlackBerry has effectively morphed into a company that no longer has to rely on handset sales to thrive. I’m not implying handsets will go away, but the need to sell 10’s of millions to stay afloat is no longer a requirement.

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