Has Apple Lost It’s Media Shine?


Is Fapple losing it’s pull with the media? Could the Fappening have really made that big of a difference in the image of the company? It’s sure starting to look like it. We BlackBerry users have seen what happens when mainstream media starts to dislike you. We’ve seen BlackBerry get torn apart, as any bad news is blown up in to amazing proportions, until it begins to have a real effect on the company. BlackBerry was on the brink of death, and I think we can all agree now, that media had a very large part in getting it that way. Regardless of mistakes made by the company, missed deadlines, failed launches, etc etc, I still believe that media is what changed people’s mind set about BlackBerry.

John Chen has set about correcting the course. And it is working. And we are now seeing more and more positive news stories about BlackBerry. Mainstream media is waking up to the fact that BlackBerry is not dead, they are slowly seeing that BlackBerry is putting out great products and services, and they are starting to write about it. Little by little.

However, no matter how much good or bad press BlackBerry has got, it never adds up to the amount of hero worship the media shovels on Apple. Hack after hack, fail after fail, we see the media ignore, and merely shove more stories about what will be new with iPhone 6. We have seen Doulci get ignored, Oleg Pliss relegated to a small blurb somewhere someone will not see, defective part replacements written about as kudos for Apple replacing them, while never questioning why Apple has so many defective parts. Yes, Apple has been the media’s golden child.

But the Fappening seems to have changed things. What happens when one media darling, ruins the image of several other media darlings? Well, we see the Apple focused media downplay it. We see sites like iMore not reporting anything about it except for what statements Apple has made, thereby ensuring that only Apple’s version of the truth comes out. But what about the proper media? What about non-tech blogs? I’m anxiously awaiting to see what pop-culture media will do with this story. As of right now it seems like a jumble. Focusing more on what has happened and who has been exposed vs the reason why it happened and how to ensure that it won’t happen again.

I was sent a link this morning, (thanks Omni) that has me very hopeful. Although it still follows the typical format we still see in many posts, pointing out that many consumers consider BlackBerry an antiquated device, and showing old legacy devices as examples. And yet they also point out BlackBerry’s security, BlackBerry’s climbing stock price, and Apple’s users getting hacked, and Apple’s drop in stock price. We also see some recognizable member’s of the community having their tweets showcased. As a BlackBerry user, this is an overall feel-good moment. For an Apple user, as I’ve heard some of the youngsters in my family say, too-bad-so-sad.

Thanks Apple, through not caring about your user’s privacy and security, you’ve added to the Gathering Storm.

Read the post here and watch the video below.


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