Happy 5th Anniversary This Just In News!

Let’s Celebrate This Anniversary

This week marks a big milestone for This Just In News. It’s the 5th anniversary of the original satire news channel on Blackberry Channels! Since that cold November of 2013, This Just In News grew from the micro-blogging social media to broadcasting news satire on YouTube. Spreading our sense of humor across the world has become a passion for us. We couldn’t do it without our subscribers. They make telling the satire news fun!

How Do We Mark This Amazing Moment In History?

How do we celebrate this momentous occasion? That’s a good question! Considering Dave Weirdoh pays the news team in coffee and doughnuts, it can’t be a new car or a trip to the corner store. Instead it’s limited edition stickers! Yes you read that right, This Just In News stickers! How can you win these stickers?  One you have to become a subscriber to our YouTube channel, two like the video, and three comment on the video on why you like This Just In News.  We will then go through the comments and pick the best 3 comments. So what are you waiting for? Follow the link and enter now!


5th anniversary