Happy 3rd Birthday, BlackBerry 10!

It’s difficult to believe, I know, but three whole years have passed since the launch of our favourite mobile OS – BlackBerry 10!


On January 30th 2013, at simultaneous events in London, New York, Johannesburg, Toronto, Paris and Dubai, we got our first glance at both the Z10 and Q10, despite Research In Motion’s decision not to release both devices on the same day. CEO Thorsten Heins took the stage to lead the BlackBerry 10 introduction speech saying:

“Today sees a re-invented BlackBerry launching an entirely new mobile experience. We are thrilled to be introducing BlackBerry 10 on the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones, to deliver a faster, smarter experience that continuously adapts to your needs.  Every feature, every gesture, and every detail in BlackBerry 10 is designed to keep you moving.”

That day also heralded another change: Research In Motion became BlackBerry, to match the name of their products.

Since that day, we have seen the release of 9 BlackBerry devices: the Q10 (released Q2 2013), Q5 (released June 2013), z30 (released October 2013), Z3 (released Feb 2014), Passport (released October 2014), Classic (released December 2014), Leap (released April 2015), Passport Silver Edition (August 2015), and of course the Priv (released November 2015).


Whilst it’s perhaps fair to say that BlackBerry has had more than its fair share of problems over the last few years, there’s no denying that BlackBerry 10 has matured well so far: compared to the release version (, we now have features that include Instant Previews, Hub gestures, the Amazon App Store, and BlackBerry Guardian (to ensure the safety of the Android apps we install), to name just a few.

As for the future, I firmly believe that BlackBerry 10 will be around for a while to come. It is widely relied on by so many world governments for their agencies and employees, by businesses and entrepreneurs across the globe, and by medical staff, all of whom need the security afforded by BlackBerry 10 in order to fulfil the vital roles they undertake every day.

Happy Birthday, BlackBerry 10 – here’s to many more!!

Jon Hunnings

(Step-)father & husband. I code directly on my #BlackBerry devices, in between blogs! Contact me via Twitter: @BrizBerryDevs or via email: brizberrydevs@utbblogs.com

  • shaun

    The Launch took me from Meego OS straight to the Z10 the transition was seamless

  • Anthony

    Those were exciting times. Exciting devices. Exciting TaTalizing software developments and demos.

    It is hugely demoralizing for people at BlackBerry, working hard to give us BB10 and their efforts curtailed by corrupt forces in media. Too many headlines proclaiming “too little too late”, “lack of apps”, “BlackBerry’s last attempt”,…it was merciless locco_smiley_7

    • Martin

      I agree Anthony, BlackBerry 10 is leaps and bounds ahead of the rest, yet the media and the carriers go out of their way to trash BlackBerry every chance they get. Why? Wish I knew.

      And for those of you who cry “but BlackBerry didn’t advertise” they did, but without carrier support, their advertising $$ where going to waste. Without carrier and media support traditional advertising is money wasted, just ask Microsoft.

      • Anthony

        “Why?”…to take-out a competitor…to rule the smartphone landscape, controlling that access point for people.

        And BlackBerry “security and privacy” isn’t compatible with NSA back doors like Android. locco_smiley_11

    • veeru789

      Spot on. It’s just sad.

  • Timothius01

    In thinking of BB10’s 3rd birthday and what might BlackBerry have done differently, it caused me to wonder, do iPhone have Google Play services access? If so, how? If not, how are they able to be successful without it, since so many people seem unable to function without Google Play Services.

    I recall Chen saying in an interview that he had to solve the app gap. I was thinking he’d figure out a way to cut a deal with Google to access their play services. WRONG! His solution was to take the slider I was so looking forward to and turn it into an Android phone, which I have no desire for.

    I’m just going to process whether there was any other solution that would have advanced BB10 instead of Android.

    And I almost forgot…Happy Birthday BB10!

  • E

    Great article! Happy birthday BlackBerry 10!

  • shanerredflag

    What a journey….sad that it appears they’ve determining the end game, yet forever grateful for the people I’ve met along the way.

    I am still hopeful that BB10 remains the secure office/government king…nothing comes remotely close to offering ease of use and functionality for hight paced, data packed working devices.

    I also hope (having committed to the less than perfect Priv for three updates) that the Priv becomes the best and closest to BlackBerry 10 experience on earth…then they will all learn. (Exempt the sheep….but Darwin warned us of them, didn’t he).

  • alan510

    Yes, it was a heady day that launch. I bought that Z10 soon after launch. It’s still running great to this day. I sold it to a colleague when I bought my Passport so I know it’s running well. What I remember most though at the time, we’re the huge number of highly critical comments on a certain Orange fan site. It was as if there were tons of folks paid to kill the platform at launch. But for me, it wasn’t the trolling that bothered me. It was how slow it took to get the platform into the US market. I think that hurt BB10 an awful lot. Still, for me it was a great day because it’s a fantastic platform. Hope it has lots of life in it yet.

  • sologtr

    I watched the BB10 launch again on YouTube! BB10 is the best mobile computing platform! Wishing many more years…

  • CabbagePatch_D

    This article was demoralizing from the first picture. Why show someone who’s only interest in BlackBerry was to get his bags of money no matter if BlackBerry failed or succeeded? locco_smiley_39
    Anyway, we can’t blame the media for the failure of BB10, BlackBerry management had their share in it.

    • CabbagePatch_D

      As I was saying…
      As the article says, launching the Z10 and Q10 so far apart didn’t help. Also the price of the Z10 and launching was a bit on the high side for what it was and where BlackBerry was at the time. Of course BB10 was and is better than what was and is currently available but lots of people didn’t bother finding out because the price was high compared to the OS’s they felt comfortable with.
      Oh, and the superbowl add didn’t help one bit.

      I hope BB10 will be around for a long time to come, but my lung capacity is not that high.

  • beemaabeemababy

    Wasn’t there another BlackBerry OS7 device that was released? Meaning, it wasn’t 10 releases in total, it was 11 releases.

    Can’t remember what the device was called. But it has the straight keyboard and runs OS7. Now that I think about it, wasn’t the Bold re-released too at one point? Or was that just a new cycle of production? Does that count?

    • CabbagePatch_D

      It was the 9720 aka Samoa. It was a Curve like device although the Curve moniker was not used.

  • Akinni

    Congratulations BlackBerry 10!