Happy 2015, BlackBerry!


2014 has been a hell of a year for BlackBerry. We got a chance to see our new CEO, John Chen, hit an amazing stride in returning the company to profitability when the future once seemed bleak prior to his arrival. John Chen also designated a significant amount of resources towards fighting to preserve the legacy of the BlackBerry brand while moving the BlackBerry 10 platform forward through consistent, feature-rich updates and cutting-edge hardware innovation (namely the BlackBerry Passport).

We lost the Music and Movies aspect of BlackBerry World, but gained an amazing assortment of BBM features such as BBM Stickers and cross-platform BBM. Many great well-known faces at BlackBerry HQ said goodbye this year, but in their wake they left behind the foundation necessary to keep BlackBerry relevant for years to come. BlackBerry Live was canceled for the first time to reallocate funds needed for critical operations, while new events such as the BlackBerry Experience in Washington, D.C. was created to raise awareness in the enterprise sector of the expansive security benefits BlackBerry had to offer. Perhaps the greatest highlight of the year was the constant security breaches taking place all over the world from websites to mobile devices, but not one time was a BlackBerry device vulnerable to such compromises. If you owned a BlackBerry at all, you were safe. Continue to own a BlackBerry, and you will still have that peace of mind.

BlackBerry 10 is almost two years old. The OS considered a flop by many anti-BlackBerry bloggers seems to have withstood the test of time. With the plethora of features on the horizon and the endless possibilities (BlackBerry Blend is just one example), I can’t wait to see what BlackBerry has in store for 2015. One thing is for certain; I am ALL BlackBerry, and this has been by far one of the greatest years I’ve been part of in terms of success given the difficult circumstances. I am proud to be a BlackBerry owner, and will continue to be one indefinitely. Hopefully the rest of you will raise your BlackBerries high as we celebrate another milestone.

Happy New Year!

Tommy C

IT graduate and BlackBerry user for eight years and counting. Committed to promoting and raising brand awareness of BlackBerry because it's just plain awesome!