BlackBerry handset deal now on at ShopBlackBerry!


Save hundreds of dollars in the ShopBlackBerry sale!

If you’re in the market for a new BlackBerry handset, you could do a lot worse than visiting now! BlackBerry are currently offering both versions of the BlackBerry10-powered Passport, and the Android-powered PRIV for an absolute bargain – the “OG” Passport is available for $249 (saving $250 on the regular ShopBlackBerry price), whilst the Passport Silver Edition is cut to $299. If you’d prefer the BlackDroid-powered PRIV, you can pick one up for $425 – a massive $224 saving!!

Are you going to take advantage of the ShopBlackBerry sale? Why not let us know in the comments below!


Jon Hunnings

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  • Brad

    These are some great deals!

  • Martin

    Original Passport…should I or shouldn’t I?

    Posted via my Passport SE

  • bartron

    Wow. That’s 40-45% off. Crazy prices. And don’t forget, the 40% sale on accessories is still on — it ends on the Sept. 27.

  • Shane_S

    I got the silver edition Passport during Amazon Prime month for the same price. I am loving it. I had to replace my red passport because it was run over by a pickup truck, long story. It still worked though. They are built tough.

    In my opinion, either option is a steal.

  • jkhoury

    I love BB10 but I’m wondering how long support for them would last. I’m thinking of getting a Passport SE for me and a Passport for my wife. Should I, or should I get two Privs instead?

  • jkhoury

    I should add that I’m still rocking my Z10–right from the start–which still serves me perfectly.