Have Some Halloween Fun with you Google Assistant

Google has added some out of season Easter eggs to the Google Assistant

I’ve gotten far too comfortable using voice assistants. I daresay I don’t even know how to set an alarm anymore without merely speaking either to the Google Assistant on my phone, or Alexa at home. While some may have some privacy concerns when it comes to products such as this, there is no denying that they’re just so darned convenient.

Sometimes, that convenience can be traded for something else. Something else a little more fun. The Amazon Alexa family of products has been extremely fun for that. There is always something new hidden away in there. Don’t believe me, just start asking Alexa questions, you’ll be surprised what the responses are sometimes.

Now, Google has dropped a few out of season Easter eggs in to the Google Assistant just in time for the Halloween season. Want to play? Merely ask the Google Assistant any of the following questions. Some of these questions will earn you a variety of responses.

Ok Google, what should I be for Halloween?
Ok Google, get directions to the nearest pumpkin patch.
Ok Google, how do I get rid of monsters?
Ok Google, add Halloween candy to my shopping list.
Ok Google, scare me.
Ok Google, let’s get spooky.

Do you have any favorite voice assistant Easter eggs you’d like to share?

My personal favorite? Ask Alexa if she can rap.





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