Hackers Take Over Dallas Alarm System

One of the moments we’ve been afraid of just became real. A Dallas spokesperson said that the city alarm system has been hacked and used for 15 alarms cycles, just before the emergency department deactivated the sirens systems.

The city of Dallas didn’t want to add more details, maybe because it was very embarrassing for them. The hackers took over all the siren system that includes 156 sirens. ¬†Citizens thought that something serious had happened. People said that the sirens began around 11:42 PM last Friday, and deactivated only at 1:15 AM on Saturday.

What more can we say ? We expect cities to care more about their citizens because it can be a matter of life or death in those situations. Someone in the Dallas Mayor’s office should be fired after this hack, and the city needs to invest much more. Maybe BlackBerry’s AtHoc system will be a good solution in instances like this.



Roy Shpitalnik

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