Decade Old PC Malware Hacker’s Door Returns to Attack

This 10 year old is a RAT

Security researchers have found a new strain of malware that is based on malware that is 10 years old. This malware has been named “Hacker’s Door” and first appeared in 2004. It appears to be operated by the Chinese hacker group Winnti who is known to utilize Remote Access Trojans (RAT) for financial fraud.

Hacker’s Door brings a backdoor and rootkit in it’s bag of tricks. With these tools, attackers can access system information, run commands, grab screenshots and files, download additional tools, extract user credentials and open access ports. All without the user’s knowledge.

This newest version of the malware has been shown to be able to attack Windows 7 through Windows 8.1. Researchers have yet to be able to confirm if it works on Windows 10.

hacker's door




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