Hackers claims that they hacked into Mandiant firm

Hackers posted on Pastebin that they have hacked into one of the most secure firms. Mandiant is cyber Security company based in USA and have very important clients like the Israeli Prime Minister’s office.

How did they do it? They hacked into Adi Peretz’s social media and OneDrive accounts. Adi Peretz is the Senior Security Researcher at Mandiant. The hackers got access into Adi’s LinkedIn, Webex, and Jira accounts. As well, they also changed his LinkedIn profile.

The hackers used #LeakTheAnalyst headline for this hack. The real damage can be if those hackers successefully to get their hands on other Mandiant access like IDF (Israeli defense force), Bank Hapoalim (one of the largest banks in Israel), and FireEye Internal.

Ido Naor, Analyst at Kaspersky, said that only one Workstation in Mandiant was infected and he didn’t know what the real damage in this hack.

Read the link in the beginning of the post to read what information the hackers steal.



Roy Shpitalnik

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