Hackers can easily hack into Orpak Software in gas stations

Orpak, one of the largest companies providing solutions to oil companies around the world, faces a considerable interest in the current world. Two Israeli researchers, one from Kaspersky named Ido Naor and another IDF researcher named Amichai Niderman, discovered that it is relatively easy to break into Orpak’s systems and were able to perform operations in the system.

Orpak’s software, which enables control over fuel prices and fueling cards, is considered easy to use and operates in about 60 countries with more than 35,000 stations using its technology. The ease and convenience of the software is what allowed the attackers to enter easily and change the price of fuel, for example, to break into the array of convenience stores at stations if they know how to operate remote fueling.

According to the researchers, Orpak’s weak point is that the software is connected to the Internet and found that the original code was written with a backdoor that makes it very easy for hackers to skip over the security system of the pumps at the station.

Orpac’s response:

“Orpak puts its customers’ information security at the top of its list of priorities and we take the cyber threat in our industry very seriously, and we work in coordination with the State of Israel’s Cyber ​​Security Authority to provide the necessary response to protect our customers. As a market leader, Orpak is committed to its customers and provides them with the best products and services that create significant value for them. “


Roy Shpitalnik

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