Hackers Attacked iOS Users with an Ad Campaign

IOS users were the target of attackers using advertisements in the US.

Users in the United States who use iOS (iPhone) were the victims of hacker attacks when they were directed to adult advertisements and those who, if pressed, would fall into phishing. The attackers have managed to hijack 300 browsers in the last 48 hours.

The attack was attributed to a group called ScamClub, which is well known to law enforcement officials. The attackers were able to insert code into advertisements displayed on legitimate sites, and when users clicked on the ads, they were transferred between several temporary sites (so they would not be located).

Investigations revealed that the malicious code was also inserted into Android applications, but the code itself is intended to attack iOS devices. The group named ScamClub is considered a high-profile hacker group that has already been attacked and according to cyber researchers it is very difficult to catch but is identified by their landing pages.


Roy Shpitalnik

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