Hackers Hacked into Amazon Vendors Accounts

Traders with an Amazon account should be careful. A new report shows that many accounts have been hacked and hackers have changed the bank account to which the sales money of those merchants will be deposited.

So far, it is not known how many accounts have been breached, but a lawyer from New York who represents Amazon and the merchants said that many of his clients experienced the breach and even lost up to half of their monthly income ranging from $10,000 to $100,000.

“We withhold payment to sellers until we are confident that our customers have received the products and services that they ordered. In the event that sellers do not comply with the terms and conditions that they’ve agreed to, we work quickly to take action on behalf of Customers”

Amazon says they are working as quickly as possible to fix the breach and allow customers and merchants to continue using Amazon safely. One of the interesting breakthroughs is that the intruders did not aim to hit directly at Amazon but at its merchants, and thus exposed large holes in Amazon’s security level not necessarily of ordinary customers or buying processes, but holes that hurt people making money from trading in Amazon.

It is not clear how hackers made the breach, but it is understood that these are accounts with very weak passwords of some of the traders who allowed quick access for those intruders.

If you’re trading on Amazon, check your revenue and whether your bank account is different from sales revenue.


Roy Shpitalnik

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    If you search the web, you’ll find that Airbnb has a similar issue which the property owners reported that their account which collects the rent had been changed.

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    On a side note, BlackBerry pre-order offer registration has been launched.

    Sounds like they might be throwing in some free goodies.

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      In Amazon ?

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        In BlackBerry’s own website

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    Amazon! Buy a BES10! Ahahahahahaahah