Hack Me Maybe!

“Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my number,
So hack me, maybe!”

No, we’re not playing guess-a-song-title quiz here. Not a typo either. It’s just funny how the chorus of that song (currently playing in your head, I know) has some coherence with our daily life.

“What’s so crazy about giving people your phone number?”, you may ask. You use your phone number to be connected via call and text (or WhatsApp), or via your social media (i.e.  Facebook), and even use it in your e-mail login process for security reasons (two-step/factor verification/authentication). Each has its own purpose. Well, those uses of your phone numbers have left you with underlying vulnerabilities.

How many of you have a Facebook account or WhatsApp account, or even both? I bet there are many. Recently, I have found articles about how your Facebook account and WhatsApp can be hacked by just using your phone number (the articles have included video of how the hackers do it). It seems your willingness to give out your phone number has severe consequences. Imagine you send your bank account number to your friend in WhatsApp and it’s actually being hacked! What about the possibility your chat with your friends about your company’s secret and sensitive information, and you’re hacked? If you add that vulnerability in Facebook and WhatsApp with how Facebook Messenger is rolling out a feature to integrate your text or SMS into their Android platform, then there are more possibilities or scenarios where your daily chat on this platforms or apps could be a disaster waiting to happen. Scary.



If you have read my article about how WhatsApp has been imprinting BBM features, you know there’s a secure and tested solution for these scary scenarios: BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). Before those scary scenarios happen and regret is all you have (knock on wood), give BBM a try.

BBM is not just about security (though there’s BBM Protected for those of you who are security conscious). There are so many fun & useful features you may find: private chat, retract/delete and edit sent message, forward received message, free and paid sticker packs, and many others. Not scary. Sounds good. :)


When BBM is your main and daily communication tool, I think you may sing the song differently:

“Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here’s my BBM pin,
So PING! me, maybe!”


Destined to be a BlackBerrian. From Essex to London (Bold 9650 to Z10, with a PlayBook in the middle), always amazed by how my life has been eased with a BlackBerry in my hand (or pocket). Android, iOS, Windows, even feature phones crossed my mind, but nothing felt right (and secure, of course). Guess I just have to savour my time w/ BB10 while it lasts...(forever, fingers crossed)

  • Observation Junkie

    Great article Rivero

    • Rivero

      Thanks, OJ! Been hacked w/ this article for a few hours today. Lol.

  • Anthony

    I don’t like using my phone number for “identification”.

    I have a Google account so I can use the Cobalt Google Play app ( http://cl.ly/0N3q0J013h3e/download/Google%20Play%20store%20by%20Cobalt.zip ) on my Passport to install some Android apps from Google Play. Google keeps bothering me about using my phone number as another way to ID me. I say locco_smiley_30

    My Google Play account was already hacked once.

    • Rivero

      I used to install GPS from Cobalt (and install few Android apps afterwards), but after I wipe my Z10, I haven’t installed them (GPS & those few Android apps) anymore. Don’t miss them, tho. Lol. :D

  • Khlover520

    This is why I use my Obama phone number for WhatsApp lol. I deleted my Facebook a while ago, so all my chatting is done via BBM and WhatsApp.

  • BB Racer !!

    BBM (now Cross-platform) : “saving girls from giving out their phone number since 2006 “

    • Rivero

      Lol… locco_smiley_15…you’ve got a point

  • pavanbhokray

    Good article

    • Rivero

      Thanks, appreciate it! :)

  • iMasterus

    Okay, okay, I agree that BBM is the only great communication tool on the Planet, period.