Great New iPhone Accessory!

Never thought I’d want an iPhone accessory so bad! Maybe not accessory, perhaps more of a necessity. But unlike most things that come in contact with an iPhone, this is actually useful! And completely unlike iPhone, it multi-tasks! What is this wonderful product I’m talking about? It’s so cool. Not quite, it’s cooler. No, even better, it’s the Coolest!


This Cooler, oops, sorry, Coolest is the ultimate party at the lake accessory. It’s an ice chest, with a built in Blue Tooth speaker, built in cooler, built in battery charger, built in BLENDER, and of course, built in coolness.

There is a current Kickstarter campaign going on to get this Coolest product made. And as you can see here, there’s not much question left in if they’re going to succeed or not. With a closing date of 8/29, and a goal of $50,000, so far, supporters have pledged $6.7 million. Now that’s what I would call a successful Kickstarter!

I know what you’re thinking, will this work with my phone? Of course it will. BlackBerry uses industry standards, we charge through standard USB power cables, we Blue Tooth to things that iPhone only dreams of (meaning more than a speaker of course!) and we like blended drinks as well. But why is this an iPhone accessory? Well, obviously the creator had the iPhone in mind when he came up with this idea. At about the 1 minute 10 second mark, he explains why.

Well, now that I’ve seen it again, I’m thinking the creator is either not an iPhone user, or is one of the ever growing number of frustrated iPhone users. Yet another reason why I am finding I like this product! So now, the only thing left for me to figure out is how I can talk the rest of the UTB staff in to purchasing one of these for our future offices!


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  • nnik

    I’m talked into it!

  • Canuckvoip

    It would be cooler if it was black.

    • Reverend Grim

      Damn yeah… cooler still if it had nothing to do with an iPhone!

  • twstd.reality

    Buy a [insert whatever here] to compensate for the ineptitude of the iPhone. That seems to be the same story over and over again in apple land – buy something else to make up for its lack of everything else, despite the hundreds of dollars you’re shelling out. It boggles the mind!

  • Robert

    This is really cool (see what I did there?)

    When he starts mentioning the iPhone, I was like WTF, until he finished. The sad part is that out of all the people who are buying this product, I bet almost all of them were hooked when he said they could charge their iPhone.

    Oh well.

    “If you want to use your iPhone after 2pm…” locco_smiley_8

  • veeru789

    That’s actually cool. And it has USB charging point. Don’t see why it can’t be used for a BlackBerry. Of course we won’t need charge at 2 PM ….LOL