Great BlackBerry Marketing Emerging In The West Too?

Oh Great. Now Everyone Will Know And Want One.
Oh Great. Now Everyone Will Know And Want One.

For years now we BlackBerrians have been used to utterly rubbish marketing.

As in pretty much non-existent.

But now, hot on the heels of the excellent Indonesian marketing effort which is so obviously paying off comes this one from the West, Canada to be precise, showing off the virtues of the Z30:

Dave Hopkinson, Powered by BlackBerry

Now, I could be wrong but I get the feeling these are testers.

That someone is trying a few things out prior to a decent effort.

You won’t see this on the TV (it’s 1 minute 19 seconds for a start) but something is happening deep in the bowels of the BlackBerry marketing department.

And it’s more signs of The Gathering Storm I’d say.

And with iOS8 looking dire and Android showing itself to be more and more a busted flush by the day…

The timing could not be more perfect.

Get ready.

We’re coming.


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  • Yes Biggs! Outstanding video! This is the kind of stuff we need. Pick a feature and talk about it briefly and this guy speaks with authority!

    The Z30 (and other BBs) is a workhorse BEAST! Yet it can play along with the best of them; watch videos, listen to music, play games, etc. For anyone with an open mind, the Z30 is one of the best, if not THE best, smartphone available.


  • xBURK

    A 20 second condensed version of this ad played on TV during Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Raptor’s games for a few months until their seasons finished. It concentrated on the 25 hours of battery life line. .

  • jic999

    My BlackBerry Z30 is Mission critical indeed !

    Watching iPhone users doing attachment email on iPhone is like watching useless work in progress !!

    Watching Android users with their buggy file manager is another farce !!

    The HUB with the RED LED is the best period !!!

    When I Open an email to respond…. I want to have access to my personal native file manager, HUB attachments, email files , Cloud data , Native Re-mote PC then attach my info & reply ……..DONE !!

    -Sharing information on BB10 is super efficient ,
    -Universal Search is wicked super efficient,
    -Tri-lingual intuitive keyboard is super efficient ,
    -The large Z30 virtual keyboard is Super Super efficient !!
    -Multi-tasking on BB10 is super efficient,
    -Social messaging on BB10 with BBM & 3rd party social messenger APPs is super efficient,
    -Access to Android apps once again is super efficient,
    -HDMI and Miracast on BB10 is super efficient,
    -BB10 browser is super efficient ,
    -BlackBerry Express native app for presentations is super efficient ,
    -BlackBerry Link is efficient and getting much better
    -Voice control is super efficient !

    Camera/Video is great , Storymaker native app for your storyboards is awesome !!

    Adobe App & services , Print to PDF, Mobile Printing , PDF signature , Cut Paste to create a PDF , Docs to GO, Native File manager , Native Remote PC, Access to cloud apps, Remember native App integrated with Evernote App are super efficient and Contact manager is all super efficient !!

    Yes folks my BlackBerry has access to key Apps and Google Play Store with no debate so I have access to all my Banking apps , Youtube , Netflix, Instagram , Flipboard , Snap Chat , Snap to Chat , Whine , FeedFinder, Vine , Tinder , Facebook, Twitter/BLAQ , Linkedin, PATH , ESPN, Medscape , BeMaps, Google Maps, Soundhound, PGA , CBS , NFL , Score , Nobix, Songza CBC, Cineplex , Shopping Ebay, Kijiji , Skype , Viber , Pinterest , Drug Dictionary , NEJM , CMAJ , Investment calculators , Zillow,, Tumblr/Trapezee, Bloomberg , Wall Street journal, New York Times , Economist , Starbucks , Tim Hortons , Whats App , Beweather , Weather network , Google Docs , Endomondo , Sportrate , Golf Channel , Stub Hub , Live 24 F1 racing , Wikipedia , NObix radio , Parrot , Phone Tap , , Options Express , CSPAN , Seeking Alpha , Great Security Apps ,and many many more Apps !!!

    The Best Shuffleboard / Ten Pin Bowling game native to Blackberry tried them all on iOS & Android ( okay I love Shuffle board sue me !! )

    Mobile Site versions of Stock Twits, UBER, Barrons, CBOE, CNBC , Sirius XM, USA banking & brokerage sites, and others renders very well on the Z30 !!

    Finally, the Z30 battery life after real power usage is mission critical for me !

    ( My phone can stay unplugged from 7AM to 6PM with 40% battery life remaining and on weekends I can get over 25 hours with ease…… with periodic prudent charging along with my Battery Charger bundle……..worrying about my battery life is a distant memory !! )

    Mission critical indeed……..Oh ….BBM messenger with BBM Channels …ROCKs !!

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Yeah..what jic999 said.

      Oh, I forgot to add, Suck it Gellar!!! locco_smiley_6

    • Damn jic999! Awesome rant! I NEED to get a Z30 soon!!!

      • jic999

        Giddy Up to a Z30…..go rangers go

        • “Rangers?” You mean Texas Rangers…?

          • jic999


  • jic999

    BlackBerry Calender and how it integrates with all my emails …..well can’t live without it !!

  • jic999

    Gellar just stop your crap about BlackBerry phones…the Z30 / Z3 / Q10 / Q5 / phones are great productive phones !

    IoT , BlackBerry Blend, NantHealth etc…is just getting started , so do yourself a favour report on the software of BlackBerry ! Oh I forgot you know crap about software !

    • Hey jic999- I have heard of this Gellar character but never suffered through any of his writing. I guess I’m a little sheltered; I let Biggs and some of the others sort out the brain damage from the other blogs. He certainly is popular here though! :)

  • jic999

    Gellar be the first Apple iPhone fanboy to report the iCloud Hack issue !

  • jic999

    Stevey Cohen : HedgeFund who is now managing his own Billions owns BBRY :

  • Chopachain

    Kinda like that catch phrase. My name is……..and I’m powered by BlackBerry.

  • Chopachain

    This one’s for JG. The more you iPhone looks like BB, is it still cool. Or is BB now cool?

  • Chopachain

    Typo: your

  • Trev

    That’s a great video that demonstrates how important it is to not have to be tethered to a wall. Sure, there are options out there that would allow iPhones or Android devices to have external power sources, such as cases and external batteries, but that is another item you’ll have to remember when you’re busy and on the road. I’m glad to see that there tends to be more focus on the battery life of a device than what it’s capable of (this goes for Android devices as well). What good is a having a fantastic browser or camera if the battery is dead?

    Also, Dave makes a very good point when he mentions “information sharing”, something that seems to be overlooked on other mobile OS platforms. Every phone is capable of calling and texting, email, and even video chat. That’s fine. But to be able to share who will be attending a meeting/event and to send that out straight to the attendees’ on-device calendars can be quite valuable. I don’t know whether the other operating systems allow for something similar, but I suspect the closest alternative would be an email with a list of attendees — which means that the list will be separated from the event listed in the calendar and the user will have to search and match the dates.

    This even goes into BBM Groups which allows participants to share pictures with the groups and add events to their calendars.

    BlackBerry has been known awhile for being a messaging powerhouse with their focus on reliable communications. Now, BlackBerry has grown beyond being a communications specialist to an Information Sharing Beast, between 2 people or 200. I like it!

    Oh, and just because: “Suck it Gellar” t(‘.’t)

    • Hey Trev- cool comments on the “information sharing” angle. I guess it falls under “collaboration,” which is a good word to use: security, productivity, messaging, collaboration, and fun!