Great Android Myths Of Our Time – # 2 Phone Specifications

You’re Wrong!

If your conversation with your casual Android acquintance has got past the Hub vs Notification Centre (oh dear), then what follows is what usually comes next.

‘Yeah, but MINE has 50,000 MB of RAM and an Octopus processor’

‘Ah’, you say, ‘But look, my BlackBerry runs smooth as butter whereas when you scroll on yours…’



Usually best to just leave it there then.

Why do they say  this? Well, it’s because in a couple of short years Android devices have done what they were supposed to do. The open source allowed manufacturers to pitch in from all angles and out market Apple as LOADS of them are at it. Apple can’t compete in terms of marketing vs Samsung, Sony, Motorola AND HTC combined.

And what this meant that all the Android companies got into a ‘spec war’, where bigger is better. At least that’s what they’ve told the consumer they should look out for and this has been bought hook, line and sinker by the industry.

How many BB10 industry reviews have you seen that claim the Z10 is ‘under powered’ compared to other devices? Just because of processor speed? And how many pointed out that it doesn’t matter? None, if any.

You see, actually, it’s not about the engine, it’s about how much power gets to the wheels.

Of course, in 2 minutes it’s difficult to explain to our poor unfortunate that the reason that your BlackBerry 10 device runs so much better than theirs at a reduced processor speed is that WE have QNX powering our phones, screwing every last piece of juice from the RAM, CPU & GPU.

Unfortunately, they have some old tosh running some old tosh that struggles to understand what the hell is going on under any kind of load. And, as time goes on, it will get worse.

Does this make their phone unusable?

Not as a phone. Maybe not even when you’re running social apps (although watching someone stutter their way up and down Facebook can be a thrill). But try running something complicated on it. It sucks.

Lag is something you learn to live with. You know it’s wrong but you sort of get round it by convincing yourself that you can live with it.

Well, kids, you don’t have to.

Ditch it.



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