Grab A Bargain At ShopBlackBerry


Just when you thought you had missed the recent Shop BlackBerry sale, kicking yourself in anger and making the life of everyone around you a nightmare. You may have even stayed up late at night, wondering why you hadn’t previously taken up the opportunity to buy.

Well, you now have another chance – a Blockbuster of a sale over at ShopBlackberry UK and ShopBlackBerry Canada!

Bypass the carriers completely, no waiting around in the stores, waiting to talk to a shop assistant who has no clue of the uniqueness of BlackBerry.

And for the first time here in the UK, a discount on the PRIV, yes I said PRIV!!! The excitement doesn’t stop there, for sale is also a range of BlackBerry devices, included and not limited to the Passport we all know as the Sexy Edition.

Go on, head over to ShopBlackBerry UK (or ShopBlackBerry Canada) from the comfort of your own chair – or wherever you are – get tapping away, no pushing the cart to the checkout, let BlackBerry do that for you. Sit back and wait for the mailman to arrive.

Oh, don’t forget, anyone who buys through Shop Blackberry gets additional support. Check it out for yourself. Go on, why wait until the end of this blog.


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