Governments Now Utilizing The Power Of Channels: Indian Prime Minister reaches out via BBM Channels

Indian Prime Minister
Indian Prime Minister

Indian Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi, is known to be active on social media.

Many voters in India attribute social media to be a major part in his recent land slide victory in the general elections. Modi is one of the top followed on twitterverse and Facebook.

Whats the next big thing in social networking and brand advertising? BBM Channels!

A relatively new entrant into this space BBMC is making quick strides. Mr Modi knows this and has a verified channel on BBMC to reach out. In fact, it’s not just his personal account, but also his party (BJP) that has an official verified channel.

Channels in India are catching up quite fast with Government agencies, Brands, News outlets.

Below is a list of few India Centric verified Channels. give them a try!

Narendra Modi (Verified) bbmc:C003BD552
Bharatiya Janata Party (Verified) bbmc:C00343421
MEA INDIA, Ministry of External Affairs (Verified) bbmc:C0018733E
Aam Aadmi Party (Verified) bbmc:C00173667
First Post (Verified) bbmc:C002E13E7
First Post Biz (Verified) bbmc:C001D510F
The Economic Times (Verified) bbmc:C004C0181
The Times of India (Verfified) bbmc:C0033E7C0
ABP News (Verified) bbmc:C00123433
Airtel India (Verified) bbmc:C0023B5E8
Aircel India (Verified) bbmc:C0012460C
Loop Mobile (Verified) bbmc:C001244E1
Café Coffee day (Verified) bbmc:C001E837B
Kotak Securities (Verified) bbmc:C001211C3
Hublot India (Verified) bbmc:C0048F803
CEO Got Talent (Verified) bbmc:C004BB2F1
Indian Wine List (Verified) bbmc:C00124C1E