Gotham Finale Trailer Pays Off

Batman arrives. What more do you need?

I must admit, I arrived late to Gotham. I remember I watched an episode or two of the first season, didn’t care for it, and forgot about it. A year or two ago, during one of those times that I had watched everything on my Netflix list and was looking for something to watch, I gave it another try. I still say the first season was hard to get through, but by the second season, the show had discovered itself.

What was supposed to be the story of Jim Gordan before the arrival of Batman, became what has to be the best on screen origin story of Batman to date. Knowing that the series was coming to an end, you hoped that the storylines would be tied up, and leading into the final episode, they are, but that wasn’t good enough for Gotham.

The series is coming back for one final episode, and they’re pulling out all the stops. The series jumps ahead 10 years, meaning that two of the shows stars David Mazouz who plays a young Bruce Wayne, and Camren Bicondova who plays a young Selena Kyle, will be replaced by older actors who get to play Batman and Catwoman. That’s right, Batman, Catwoman, and the Joker will finally join the Riddler and the Penguin. In preparation for the finale, a mega sized trailer has been released.

The casting on this series has been incredible, and seeing the trailer leaves me wanting to see a Batman series with this cast continue. I would much rather see that than any continuation of the Justice League movie universe. How about it DC? We’ve got your Ben Affleck Batman universe replacement right here.


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