Google’s Fuchsia Is One Step Closer To Reality

Google’s newest OS gains a developer site.

Google has been quietly working on a new operating system which goes by the name of Fucshia. The operating system has been among some of the more worst kept secrets. Google has said little to nothing about the operating system, which has led to much speculation and rumor mongering.

What is the purpose of Fuchsia? It it Android’s replacement? Google’s Android is the winner when it comes to mobile operating systems generally carrying about 85% if the global market. But even giants topple, and Google may simply be readying itself for when it’s eventually Android’s turn.

Fuchsia is different from Android in that it does not run on the Linux kernel. Instead, this operating system runs on a microkernel dubbed Zircon. We can only hope that if this is Android’s replacement, the fact that it is not Linux based will lead to a cleaner and less bogged down experience.

Now, we may start seeing more from Fuchsia as Google has opened a developer website at The site is currently sparse, and filled with information which was previously available online, however this is a Google owned site, and if Fuchsia does have a future, we shall surely see it occur here.

Source: Android Police


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