Google Taps Third Party Security Firms to Scan Play Store

This should make users feel a bit safer.

Google has announced the App Defense Alliance. The App Defense Alliance is a collaboration between Google, and three cybersecurity companies. Each of these companies are known for finding malware and exploits.

The three companies which have joined with Google in this new directive is ESET, Lookout, and Zimperium. The new alliance will allow a direct communication between the companies and Google. They will be allowed to directly request scans directly from the Google Play Protect Scanner and have the data sent back to them. Additionally, GPP can send requests to the companies’ scanning services.

Google and the partner companies hope that this will result in quick sharing of threat information, and hopes to stop any new malware from finding it’s way on to the app store.

While Android has a reputation for being a dangerous landscape infested with Malware, Google’s previous security efforts have seen recent results that best Apple’s own iOS. Will the additional support of three well known cybersecurity companies make you feel safer using Android?

Source: Google


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