Google+ Surprisingly Gets an App Update

Yes, apparently Google+ is still a thing.

Google+ was Google’s attempt to break into the world of social networks. It didn’t go over very well. Not at all. I remember at one point, we had to sign up for Google+ in order to use some Google services. Perhaps it was YouTube? I’m not entirely sure. What I am sure of though, is that was the last time I signed into Google+.

Quite honestly, I thought the service was destined for the bin. In fact, had you told me that it was already gone, I wouldn’t have been surprised. I’m far more surprised to hear that there is a G+ app update rolling out. Even more surprising, this isn’t a small app update, it’s a complete rewrite of the app, but you’ll hardly notice.

In rewriting the app, they chose to make it resemble the current app, with only a few small changes. Those changes include improvements of stream rendering and scrolling, a redesign of the photo lightbox, and some animation on comment options. Nothing really spectacular that would clue us in to what has really happened with the app.

Underneath what we see, the app was built using “Google’s latest android app infrastructure”. This is stated to allow the Android team to add new features on a “modern tech stack”.

As I sat here believing the service had MySpaced out on us, apparently someone at Google has some plans for a future. Perhaps Facebook and Twitter are showing their age, or perhaps their focus on politics and censorship are showing a weakness which Google aims to exploit? Who knows.

Do you use Google+? Do you have the G+ app on your phone?

Source: Google


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