Google Sued by College Professor for Android Commercial

Android commercials are always fun, and usually, I have no idea they’re an android commercial until the end, at which point I feel bad for liking it.

One of these commercials will now be coming under legal scrutiny. In the Android: Handshake commercial, many video clips are used showing many different handshakes, fistbumps and the like with the ending tagine of ‘Be together. Not the same’. I read that as a way to explain the fractured nature of Android. But that’s not the story here.

One of those people in that commercial, is now suing Google. Timothy Werner, and adjunct professor at Old Dominion University is seen in the video throwing his hands in the air as a fist bump goes awry. The problem is, he didn’t give permission to be in the video. He has filed suit against Google stating that the commercial used him as “comic relief” and portrayed him as “awkward and worthy of ridicule”. His legal representation has asked for a trial by jury for civil damages exceeding $75,000. Werner is filing for damages under the Code of Virginia, including¬†statutory invasion of privacy, injunctive relief, unjust enrichment, and violation of the Virginia Consumer Protection Act.

The video was filmed by a hidden camera and uploaded to YouTube, where Google presumably culled it from. The issue at hand is that Werner nave gave permission for the video to be used, and never anticipated he would see himself in a nationally televised commercial.

So Google has invaded this man’s privacy, and made it public for it’s own financial gain? Who would have ever thought such a thing!?



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