Google Smartwatches Provide Example of Just How Fractured Android Is


Smartwatches! They’re the next big? Moderate? Uhm… let’s just go with thing. Android device manufacturers are the first to jump in to this new realm. They seem to think everyone has secret fantasies of being Dick Tracy, and they are jumping headstrong in to it. I know a few android friends that are excited about smart watches. A very few. I suppose most of my friends just aren’t feeling that connected….ly.

As the smartwatches get ready for their grand entrance, they should prepare for some disappointing  sales. Why you may ask? Because of the fractured nature of android. TechCrunch reports that less than 1/4 of android consumers have devices that will work with these new smartwatches.

Android Wear watches require android 4.3 or newer. That doesn’t sound too bad right? Seeing as how 4.3 was released in July of last year. Those of us in BlackBerry land, well we jump on any new update (a lot of times even jumping ahead of updates, but let’s not talk about that). Over in Androidia, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Not at all, because a year after the release of 4.3 and  nearly 8 months after the release of 4.4, only  23.9% of current android users using android 4.3-4.4. Sad isn’t it?

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Grab your popcorn, because when Android Wear makes it’s official outing to the store shelves, and consumers that care about it head out to buy their anticipated devices, I can see a lot of upset people as they discover that their smart watches are made useless by their dumb phones.


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