Google Removes AdultSwine Pop-Up Malware

AdultSwine Malware was delivering adult advertising on apps aimed at children.

A new malware discovered within apps located on the Google Play Store. This malware, dubbed AdultSwine by the Check Point Security researchers that discovered it, would deliver pop-up advertising to users. Some of this advertising was pornographic in nature, and found even on apps aimed at children.

The malware actually had three methods of attack. First, the aforementioned ability to display full page pop-up ads delivered from the web to the user’s device. A second method was to “trick” users into installing fake security apps by informing the users that they had some form of malware already on their device. Lastly, the malware could attempt to coerce users into registering for premium services.

This form of malware is really no more than a social engineering attack. By delivering annoying and often times inappropriate pop-up links to the user, it depends on the user clicking on those links and agreeing to or signing up for those services. As always, user beware,

All apps infected with the malicious code has been removed from the Google Play Store and developers suspended. For a full list of infected apps, head to Check Point by clicking here.


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