Google Play Hacked? Never! …Or, never again! Oh, nevermind

This Sunday, Google Play was a bit less playful as customers were unable to download apps, developers were unable to upload apps, and for a short time, malware wasn’t being distributed from the Play Store.

"Malware! Malware! Come get your Malware!"
“Malware! Malware! Come get your Malware!”


Well, no new malware anyway, as the current malware… er… apps, were still downloadable. See, it was the publishing system, Goo that was crashed. And developers were up in arms. But luckily for them, it was quickly fixed on Monday. Only to be taken down again.

Who was this nefarious organization that took away peoples ability to update their apps? Ibrahim Balic, that’s who! And no, he not part of some freedom fighting group looking to save us from the beast that is Google. He’s simply a lone developer, who had discovered a *gasp* vulnerability in the system. He created an app to test this vulnerability, which he said he thought would fail, only to have it take down the system. He’s claimed it was an accident, and he was apologetic. But he needed to be sure, so once they had corrected the damage he had done, he once again tried to upload the app, only to have the system go down again. Oops. Poor guy, now other developers are angry at poor Balic. I say, third times a charm, and he should try uploading that app again on Tuesday. After all, there’s really no way to determine what would happen if he uploads it a third time right?



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