Google Pixel Earbuds, your 40 language translator

Google has announced a new line of products recently and one of the most interesting to me is the translating earbuds. They will translate 40 languages through the use of artificial intelligence.

There are a few limitations, as with all technology. First, it needs to be paired with the new Pixel 2 phone, secondly it is early days with the technology but it is improving very quickly through use of artificial intelligence. Google is using neural machine translation technology that is looking at the entire sentence instead of going word by word.

The Google Assistant is the power behind the headphones, once you click the right earbud the assistant starts recording your voice and will get you a response quicker than the old system of waiting for beep confirmations and whatnot. Your phone will then say the response to the person you are talking with and they respond back to the phone which will translate back for you.

We’ll have to see what the final version looks and acts like, but this will be a big thing once it’s mastered.


Kevin Button

Kevin is a BlackBerry enthusiast and is known to be shouting it from the tops of mountains.