Google Pixel and Apple’s Safari Hacked Easily at PwnFest

The PwnFest event in Seoul saw heavyweights Google Pixel and Apple Safari dropped quickly by Chinese hackers.

This last Friday, at the PwnFest which occurred in Seoul, South Korea, saw the easy fall as several “top” platforms were hacked.

First up on the list was the new offering from Google, the Pixel. The Pixel was no match for the team of hackers from Qihoo 360. Executing a remote hack on the flagship phone, the team was able to take full control of the phone, from contacts, photos, messaging, and phone calls. This marks the second time that the Pixel has been hacked in the last two weeks. The prior hack was executed by Keen Tem of Tencent and the Mobile Pwn2Own event in Japan.

Apple’s Safari fared no better at the event. The updated browser running on MacOS Sierra fell quickly before the prowess of Pangu Team and a hacker known as JH. Their exploit granted them root privilege and took merely 20 seconds to run.

Not surprisingly, Flash was also hacked. Utilizing a decade old vulnerability, along with a kernel flaw in win32k, Qihoo 360’s hack took all of 4 seconds to drop Flash.

It seems that hacking these devices is no longer about if they can be hacked. It now seems to be how fast can it be done.

Is this a good time to remind you that we still have not seen BlackBerry hacked?





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