Google Pixel 2 Fraught With Problems

It was the phone many Android users were waiting for. Now they’re left wishing they had waited.

The Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were just released last week. This was the phone many Android fans were waiting for. After all, this is the Google branded phone. The device that was coming straight to the public from the OS maker itself. It’s only been a week, and yes, the phones have been making headlines alright. But we can be assured these are not the headlines which Google hoped they’d be getting.

The Pixels have problems. A few problems. In fact, it seems that problems are creeping up daily. Now one might think that people are just expecting more out of the Google phone, and are holding them to a higher standard than other phones. I’ll admit that was what I assumed when the first complaints started rolling in. But these are no small problems.

Google seems to be listening, and is promising to investigate the issues. It’s starting to look like Google may need to hire more investigators as the issues continue to grow. Let’s look at a few.

Screen burn in on the Pixel 2 XL. This was the first problem we began to hear about. Within days, users were taking to social media showing off their new devices that already had images burned in to the new screens. Screen burn can happen with OLED screens, there is no doubt about that. Some manufacturers combat this by moving on screen buttons intermittently so that it’s not always in one place, but after use, it can happen. It should not be happening this quickly. I’ve heard some people guessing that this may be more of a “ghosting” than a burn. The affect to the user is very similar, but ghosting will eventually go away. I bet there are a lot of users hoping that they’ve been ghosted instead of burned by their new device.

Blotchy screens: I’ve seen many images of this on my Twitter feed. The screens do not appear smooth. They are blotchy, and some have even complained they can look even scaly. The quality of the screens which Google chose are certainly questionable at this point.

Let’s move away from the screens and talk about audio.

Users are now complaining that their phones are making clicking noises. This is primarily on the smaller non-XL device. Some are claiming that turning off NFC will alleviate this issue. But turning off NFC doesn’t help with another audio issues, which is a high pitched noise. Now, that can be annoying. And finally, an issue affecting the stereo speakers. Stereo speakers are great. I love them. One at the top and one at the bottom, it’s just a great idea. I first saw them on a BlackBerry Playbook and thought it was genius ever since. Except in this case, the bottom speaker is louder than the top speaker. That’s just… not good.

Finally, another issue has just been discovered, again with the device’s screens. This is another issue which sometimes affects OLED screens, and it is called a “black smear”. With a black smear, when a black portion of the screen transitions to a colored portion, like for instance when scrolling an image, the black pixels take a while to transition. Resulting in a black trail behind that portion of the image.

For those that rushed out and bought Google’s new offerings and are now experiencing any of these issues, I feel sorry. I can only imagine how frustrating that would be. And as for me? I’m still happily awaiting the new BlackBerry Motion.

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