Google More Trusted Than Apple With Personal Info

I find this headline much more interesting.

The story presented by Fortune should come as no surprise to anyone. People do not trust Facebook. In fact, it is “the least trusted major tech company when it comes to safeguarding personal data”. As I said, no surprise. The fact that Facebook was created and intended to share your information seems to be lost only on those most addicted to Facebook. The rest of us know the truth. But buried within the Fortune story lay a much more surprising find.

Fortune employed Harris Poll to run a survey asking over 2000 U.S. adults their thoughts on how Facebook compared to it’s major tech company peers. The poll asked “how much do you trust each of the following companies with your personal data?” and the companies which were asked about in addition to Facebook were Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and Google. Therein lies the surprise.

The surprise, is not that the respondents placed Facebook in dead last, the surprise is that Google beat Apple. In fact, everyone but Facebook beat Apple.

The most trusted in the poll was Amazon, with a score of 49%. Second on the list was Google with 41%, followed by Microsoft at 40%. Next on the list was Apple with 39% who beat only Facebook with a measly 22%.

Anyone that follows technology would probably follow the same pattern. After all, as I stated before, Facebook is intended to share your info. And we’ve seen far too many large data breaches that had Apple products at the heart of them. However, Apple is supreme in one realm, and that realm is marketing. Apple has always been the big winner when it comes to winning over people’s minds and hearts, which is why they have profited greatly while producing products that never actually do as much as their competitors.

Exploding phones and failing hardware seem to have no impact on Apple’s market value, and it’s users always seem to eat up every excuse which Apple presents. To see that a sample of respondents placed their trust in Apple only above Facebook, is quite a surprise, and should truly worry Apple. After all, the Apple method has not been to compete in function, but to make their users believe in them. What happens when users stop believing?

Apple Don't Stop


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