Google Maps Gets a Speedometer

An update is rolling out by region for Google Maps that brings a key feature.

Google is currently bringing a new feature to it’s Google Maps application. It’s rather surprising that it is just arriving. Google Maps is an extremely popular map application, and it’s shocking that Google has left it out up until now.

The new feature is a live speedometer. Once the update has fully rolled out, users will be able to toggle the feature on. The speedometer will show on your map screen, showing you the speed limit of the road you’re on, and your own speed. It’s a nice addition. It’s an addition I’ve enjoyed on Waze for some time. Which is part of the reason of why the late addition is such a shocker.

Google purchased Waze back in 2013. At the time I assumed that we would soon see Waze absorbed into Google Maps. Oddly enough, Waze has continued on as it’s own independent app, with Google Maps absorbing features from what I consider the superior app. Now it is the speedometer’s turn.

Google is rolling out the update by region, and we are unsure if it will be a global release, or for specific markets.

Source: Android Police


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