Google Makes Big Improvements to Gmail App, Still No Match for BlackBerry


Google announced this week that big changes are coming to the Gmail app for android! Finally, Android users will be breathing a collective sigh of relief.

Let’s see what these improvements shall be.

– Tapping on people’s avatars now lets you see recent conversations, contact info, and more.

Old news for BlackBerry users. A simple tap on someone’s avatar will bring up their contact card, a click on activity will bring up all our interactions. BBM’s, emails, texts, Twitter. It’s a great feature.

And we’ve had it a long time now.

-Support for non-Gmail addresses (IMAP) is now more reliable and adding additional accounts is a smoother experience.

Strange that this wasn’t included from inception. How can you have an email app that doesn’t show all your email? Let’s see, I would need 7 different apps on my phone if not for the amazing BlackBerry Hub. Then again, prior to the Hub, this was still old news on BBOS.

And that is all the improvements announced at this point.

Kind of sad really.

I would say Gmail is running to catch up with BlackBerry. But it really seems like more of a slow walk doesn’t it?

Let’s check what some of the users are saying.

Ricky Young: Please allow us to turn off ‘conversation view’ for Gmail in the Gmail app. It’s very frustrating that I can do this for a Yahoo account, in my Gmail app, but not for Gmail itself.

Ricky should buy a BlackBerry.

Olanrewaju Jeph: Would love the option to go straight to All Inbox on App Launch.

Olanrewaju would love the BlackBerry Hub!

Alex Serrano: I would like for the ads to STOP. Why must my private email account be invaded by these ads? I did not request them and in the feedback options you put everything except ” i do not want ads “.. Taking off the ads is A MUCH BETTER IMPROVEMENT.

Ads in their own email app?? Oh my.

Stoycho Kyosev: Make “mark all as read” option please!

Easy on a BlackBerry. Press a date and click mark prior read.

Josip Klišmanić: Add desktop format signature.

Quite easy to add a signature on a BlackBerry.

Michael Byrne: Multiple delete ! Multiple delete ! …please

Love hitting the select more and deleting tons of emails at once on my BlackBerry.

Mikhail Marchenkov: I want to disable conversations! I want to disable conversations! I want to disable conversations! I want to disable conversations! I want to disable conversations!

Google, when will you listen to your users?

Already covered this, but I like Mikhail’s writing style.

Actually, the simple ability to turn off conversation view is the most requested in these comments. Google should really look in to that.

Could you just imagine what would happen if those that are looking forward to these ‘improvements’ actually got their hands on a BlackBerry?


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