Google Lens is Coming to All

Google Lens brings contextual awareness to your images.

Google Lens was introduced on the Google Pixels last year. Lens brings a level of awareness to photos, by recognizing what’s in the photo, and offering the user more information or capabilities.

Taking a photo of a business card and saving the information from the card as a contact is nothing new. BlackBerry’s current Android camera app provides this functionality out of the box. However, how about taking a photo of a book, and having the option of receiving book reviews. Or taking a photo of a landmark or painting and receiving information about it. Or taking a photo of a dog and being told what breed it is? Ok, that last part isn’t there yet, but it’s coming.

Now, Google is bringing the Lens experience to (almost) all users. Lens shall be included within the Google Photos App for English speaking users. Additionally, Lens will also be arriving on the Google Assistant for “flagship devices”, yet at this point we do not know what devices will qualify as “flagship devices”.

Does Google Lens sound like something you would use? Or is it an option you’ll quickly forget about? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Google


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