Google is Rolling Out a Desktop Experience for Messages

If you’re already enjoying BBM Desktop, Google’s newest Messages update will have you excited.

The biggest and best thing to happen to my messaging over the last year has been the introduction of BBM Desktop. I love being able to once again handle my primary form of communication straight from my computer. There are many times that I will sit my phone down, and work on my computer, communicating over BBM the whole time. Unfortunately, I still have someone that I text message with, and unfortunately, there have been many times that person has gone hours without a response, because I’m not picking up my phone. The latest Google Messages update shall surely come in handy in this case.

Rolling out now, users of Google’s text messaging app, will have the ability to use a web based client, just like BBM, to send and receive messages through the application. Within the app, once it is available for you, head to the three dot menu in the application, and select “Messages for web”. Within your browser, head to and scan the QR code. Yes, exactly like BBM.

A few additional features that are not yet available on BBM Desktop is the ability to send stickers, emoji, and attach images.

In addition to this major add-on, the Messages app will now include a GIF search from right inside the application, along with Google’s Smart Replies. I’ve been testing Smart Replies for some time, and it still doesn’t know me as well as the BlackBerry Keyboard.

In addition, messages will preview links that are sent right within the chat frame, again, just like BBM. And the drop down notification of two factor verification codes will now allow you to copy the code to easily insert in your browser.

This is quite an update for Google Messages, including many of the things which we already love in BBM, and seemingly executed in nearly identical format. The update is rolling out to users over the next week. Let us know when you receive it.

Source: Google via PC Mag




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