Google Introduces Motion Stills, But I Prefer Loopsie

Last week Google introduced Motion Stills, but Loopsie puts that app on the back burner.

Last year, Google released an app on iOS called Motion Stills. The app was basically used as a way for iPhone users to take their Live Photos and turn them into GIFs that could be shared outside of Apple’s walled off garden. Now, Google has released Motion Stills on Android, and it’s not the same app.

Now, on Google, Motion Stills essentially brings Live Photos to Android, with a twist. The app takes 3 second videos, which can be saved in video or looping GIF format and shared. You can also take videos up to a minute in length and speed them up using a fast forward function. Again, these can be exported as video or GIF. You can also connect merge your GIFs together using the app.

Sadly, the app only works if you take the video using the app. There’s no importing of videos to turn in to “Motion Stills” which means the app is essentially useless to me. I’ve tried to use the app over the past few days, but I really haven’t found any reason to utilize the app over the regular camera app, or over another much more fun app, Loopsie.

Loopsie probably would fall into the same category of app as Motion Stills, with one big exception. This app is fun! With this app, the user takes a short video, and then gets to choose what portion of the resulting photo is animated. This is done through “painting” on the image with your finger. The end result is a looping video file in which a portion which you choose is animated on a still photo.

Yes, you still have to take the video from within the app, but as an added bonus, you can always go back and re-edit videos that you’ve taken from within the app.

Below, you can see a video of my pal Sid in which I animated only her face.

Loopsie is currently listed as an unreleased app, with a warning that it may be unstable, however I’ve had nothing but good luck with the app.

In reality, neither app is something which I would grab in the spur of the moment. Any time I wanted to quickly capture something, I would just utilize my camera, so it really means that both these apps would be on the back burner for me. However, Loopsie is so fun, I do find myself looking for situations in which I can use it. The same can’t be said for Motion Stills, which quickly found itself removed from my KEYone.


Download Motion Stills here

Download Loopsie here


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