Google Fined $6.8 Million by Russia’s F.A.S.

Google has been found guilty of anti-competitive activities in Russia. Russia fines the tech giant $6.8 Million.

Yandex could be considered the Russian answer to Google. It is a Russian search engine which offer’s other services and apps. Yandex found that it’s apps were being excluded in Russian Android phones in favor of Google’s apps. Of course Android phones that come with the Google Play Store, have Google apps preinstalled. We’re all used to that.

Yandex claimed that this was an anti-competitive action. Russia’s Federation Antimonopoly Service began an investigation. Initially found guilty, Google appealed. Today, that appeal saw a decision. That decision was that Google was indeed utilizing anti-competitive actions and Google was fined $6.8 Million.

Of course, $6.8 Million is pocket change to Google. But this may just have a longer term affect on the tech giant. Now mobile phone manufacturers in Russia will be able to install Yandex apps on it’s phones, possibly with, or instead of Google’s own apps. Also, this is simply one claim against Google. Google has claims very much like this taking place in a few different countries.

Google’s official statement of the news was provided to The New York Times.

“We have received notice of the fine from F.A.S. and will analyze closely before deciding our next steps”

It will be interesting to watch as these claims are decided around the world, and what effect this may have on Google and Android.




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