Google Files Go is a Clean Little File Manager

Google was beta testing a new file manager app. Let’s hope it gets a release.

I recall one of the first frustrations upon moving from BB10 to BlackBerry Android was a lack of a native file manager app. I spent a fair amount of time testing multiple file managers finding what I liked best. You see, the problem wasn’t really a lack of a file manager, the problem was there were too many. One was too hot, one was too cold. I finally settled on Asus File Manager, and it was just right.

But now there are some new options becoming available. The BlackBerry Motion is arriving with a Files app. While the app is currently exclusive to the BlackBerry Motion, it can be found on APK Mirror, and if you’re brave, you can give it a try. I’ll admit I’ve been using it, and I really like it. I’m hoping it becomes available to all BlackBerry Android devices soon.

Now, there is another option which may or may not be coming. Google had a closed beta test for Google Files Go. Presumably, this is part of the Google Go initiative, which aims to provide a smoother Android experience for low specced phones. The app itself is less than 10MB which should be welcomm to users that are worried about the space on their phone. It also brings with it, not just file manager functionality, but also operates as a cleaner. The app also offers a way for users to share files with other users offline via a “fast hotspot”. While the app was only available in a closed beta, it has already been removed from the Google Play Store. But of course, this is the land of Android, and the app can be found on APK Mirror.

I’ve been playing with the app, and must admit, I like it. It’s very quick, and has a nice user interface. Let’s hope that the app finds itself officially available to all interested users.


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